Mainstage Program A
September 5 - 14

Thursday, September 5 at 8pm
Saturday, September 7 at 4pm
Sunday, September 8 at 2pm
Friday, September 13 at 8pm
Saturday, September 14 at 8pm

Whos Afraid.jpg

Who's Afraid?
by Jeff DeSantis

produced by South Park Theatre

A famous literary character, perennially cast as the villain, finally gets his opportunity to give his side of the story to the world as a guest on a nationally syndicated talk show.

Jeff DeSantis is a playwright from the Pittsburgh area. His play, "The Field" was included in the 2014 New Works Festival. He has had his plays performed by R-ACT Theatre Company in Beaver County and he was a featured sketch writer for the Cellar Dwellers WAAAAAY back in the 90's.

Learning Experience.jpg

A Learning Experience
by Michael Wolfson

produced by McKeesport Little Theater

Brice Grassley has stopped at a small diner to ask directions to a college which has invited him to give a guest lecture. The diner’s waitress and cook are in no hurry to give Grassley the information he seeks. Instead, they joke, dissemble and toy with him. Beginning with a menu that contains only 16th Century dishes, Grassley finds himself propelled through a bizarre landscape of literary allusions, quotations, and revelations that would make a Kafka nightmare seem like a pleasure trip. And what he learns from his two unusual companions will shake him to the very core of his academic certainty about life and literature. What better way to teach a pompous fool a lesson than through one of the most ingenious jokes of all.

Michael Wolfson’s plays have been performed across the country. “A Paradise Of Fools”, Ashland New Plays Festival (OR) and the Detroit Repertory Theatre (MI). “The Prisoners Dilemma”, Pittsburgh New Works Festival (PA) and Alleyway Theatre (NY). “Legerdemain”, Ashland New Plays Festival (OR) and Lake County Repertory Theater (CA). “Work And Play”, Spokane Civic Theatre (WA). “The Art of Seduction”, Pittsburgh New Works Festival (PA). “Watch Your Language”, Stagecrafters (MI) and Brief Acts Company (NYC). “Word Play”, Road Theatre (CA). “Cat And Mouse”, Penobscot Theatre Company (ME) and Dezart Performs (CA). “A Senior Moment”, Pittsburgh New Works Festival (PA). “Out-Of-Order”, Eclectic Company Theatre (CA). “The Green Eyed Monster”, Pittsburgh New Works Festival (PA). “T.G.I.F.”, Silver Spring Stage (MD). “The Audition”, Gallery Players Theater, (NYC). “An Unexpected Mourner”, Pittsburgh New Works Festival (PA).

The Setup.jpg

The Setup
by PJ Roup

produced by The Bobcat Players

Married couple Ted and Angela lure two of their single friends out for drinks in the hopes that this forced setup will blossom into something more. The problem is that the 23-year-old free-spirited Brittany and the 49-year-old set-in-his-ways Ronald want no parts of it. As the evening progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the generation gap may be too wide for Brittany and Ronald to cross, and that setups don’t always go as planned.

PJ Roup is the owner of Dreamscape Video Productions and The Roup Insurance Agency. His film, A Taste for Murder, which he directed and cowrote, has earned several awards including Best Writing and runner up for best film in the 48 Hour Horror Film Project, Best Director in the Pittsburgh Un-Cut Film Festival as well as Official Selection in the Endless Mountain Film Festival and the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival. His most recent film, Summer Stalk, earned an Official Selection for the Haunted Oaks Film Festival.

On the stage he has directed 12 Angry Men (2016) and The Case of the Prince Formerly Known as Hamlet (2017) for Ghost Light Productions. He has also appeared in the following roles with Ghost Light: Bill in Sure Thing, Frank in Katie and Frank, Murray in The Odd Couple, and Bob Cratchit (and others) in A Christmas Carol: A Radio Play. His other film credits include director and co-writer of The Last Ride of Dick Dice, Hero in the Wings, and Summer Stalk.