2004 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



Cake Without Frosting by F. J. Hartland
McKeesport Little Theater

Bill and Me by Matt M. Smith
Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

Erudite Englishman Seeks by Robert Isenberg
Jewish Theatre of Pittsburgh

The Mark by Gretchen Icenogle
Heritage Players

Beartooth by Kevin Cramer
Summer Company

Yellow daffodil caution lines on the 11:37 by Megan O’Brien
Proudly Presents Productions

Kaleidoscope Perceptions by Lucia M. Aguirre
Sunday Night Live

Getting to Know You by Kathryn Miller Haines
Baldwin Players

Set Piece by Dennis Porter
Open Stage Theatre

Flame on Flame off by Chris Noel
Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Co.

The Second Kick of a Mule by Judy McGee
Gemini Theater Co.

A Skewed Nude by Kim Zelonis
CCAC South

Young Playwright

Recovering the Satellites by Emily Nagin
Rage of the Stage Players

The Pure of Heart by Gretchen Gally
New Works

The Tragic Tale of Morgan le Fay by Devra Schor
The Pittsburgh Playhouse

Seated Readings

Six Month Muse by Samuel G. Shea
Duquesne University Red Masquers

Underlings by Jonathan Carney
Five Cent Productions

Legacy by Marlene M. Miller
RoseColored Glasses

Once Loved by Richard Zinober
Clovenhoof Productions

Corner Booth by Ro Vigilante
Paranoid Productions

The Mirage-Keeper by J. J. Steinfeld
Conscientious Objectors

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Jay Keenan

Outstanding Lead Actor
Mark Thompson

Outstanding Lead Actress
Barbara Pakler

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Randy Akan Oliva

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Theo Allyn

Outstanding Playwright
Kim Zelonis

Outstanding Production
Getting to Know You

Outstanding Director
Jackie Nicoll

Outstanding Children’s Play
Recovering the Satellites

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Emily Fear and Michelle Greene