2003 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



Figment by Richard Mesch
McKeesport Little Theater

(sophie) by Neil McGowan
Proudly Presents Productions

Touch and Go by Douglas Harmsen
Gemini Theater Company

The Sweater Issue by Wade Gasque
Cloven Hoof Productions

The Talker by Thea Cooper
Jewish Theatre of Pittsburgh

The Leah Period by Erick Irvis
Summer Company

Shaft (or, The Tortoisiad) by David Guaspari
The Heritage Players

Fin and Euba by Audrey Cefaly
Unseam’d Shakespeare Company

Epiphany by Sam Allen (a.k.a. Corey Reiger)
Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Company

Virgin Rock by Kevin Christopher Snipes
Sunday Night Live

Negative Velocity by Michael Zimecki
The Baldwin Players

Bernard by Rich Pliskin
CCAC South

Young Playwright

Otto Lilienthal’s Highly Informative Play About the Wright Brothers by Jason Fleece and Edd Fairman
Pittsburgh Playhouse Junior of Point Park College

Seated Readings

Life After Pie by Ty DeMartino, Frostburg, MD
Five Cent Productions; Dir. J.P. Nickel

The Alumni News by Ellen Prescott, Chiloquim, OR
Duquesne University Red Masquers; Dir. John Lane

Not About Kate by J.P. Nickel, Pittsburgh
Conscientious Objectors; Dir. John Yost

Criminal by Brian Duff, Abingdon, VA
Penn Theatre; Dir. Michael Moats

Only in Beverly Hills by Peter Morris, White Plains, NY
Rose Colored Glasses; Dir. Dennis Dippary

Breaking News by Matt Smith, Goshen, IL
Rage of the Stage Players; Dir. Joseph Roots

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Bill Mendlow

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Glendening

Outstanding Production
Touch and Go

Outstanding Playwright
Corey C. Rieger

Outstanding Director
Jason A. Fleece

Outstanding Lead Actor
Gregory Caridi

Outstanding Lead Actress
Erika Cuenca

Outstanding Supporting Actor
James Michael Shoberg

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Jeannine Foster-McKelvia