2002 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



Big Fat Julia Roberts by Scott Bradley Smith
McKeesport Little Theatre

Searching for Mari by Kevin Cramer
Penn Avenue Theatre

A Candid Biography of a Single Chess Table Chosen at Random on an
Ambiguous Spring Day in Central Park
by Matt Fotis

Summer Company

What’d Ya Do Today, Billy Joe? by Eleanor Harder
Kuntu Rep Theatre

The Sign by John-Paul Nickel
Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

The Nap Time of Brooks Shara by C. P. Stancich
South Park Theatre

Angelo of Mercy by Brian Leach
Sunday Night Live

The Fellowship of Actors and Directors by Kathryn Miller Haines
CCAC South

Painted Eyes Following by Robert Isenberg
Jewish Theatre of Pittsburgh

The World’s Longest Kiss by Peter Morris
Heritage Players

The Prisoners Dilemma by Michael E. Wolfson
Gemini Theatre Company

Shakespeare on Drugs by Irving Washington
Little Lake Theatre Co.

Young Playwright

A Wind Story by D. E. Jukes
Prime Stage Theatre

The Life of Aesop by Kenneth Cavander
Pittsburgh Playhouse Jr.

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
William “Bill” Thunhurst, Jr.

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Beth Hersey

Outstanding Production
Shakespeare on Drugs

Outstanding Playwright
Kathryn Miller Haines

Outstanding Director
Laura A. McCarthy

Outstanding Lead Actor
Corey Rieger

Outstanding Lead Actress
Heather Lynn McNeish

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Jayson Brooks

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Cori Begg