2001 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



The Stone Circus  by Shaun Rolly
Penn Avenue Theatre

Temporary Arrangements by Richard Mesch
The Summer Company

Breeder’s Cup by David Dietz
McKeesport Little Theatre

Love Story? by Josh Halko and Meredith Yanchak
South Park Theatre

Ice Floes by Al Sjoerdsma
Actors Theatre of Pittsburgh

Dead Monkeys by Tony Zelonis
The Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

Freesias in Whiskey by J. J. Steinfeld
The Heritage Players

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut by Kelly McFadden
Little Lake Theatre Company

Drag Queens, Lesbians, God and the Media by Sean Michael O’Donnell

Housewarming Brunch with Two Door Frames by Don Bertschman
CCAC South

New Hope by Audrey Cefaly
Kuntu Repertory Theatre

Googoo by Mike Murray
Gemini Theatre Company

Young Playwright

Little Frog Catches a Cold by Steve Traubert
Saltworks Theatre

The Royal Baby by Sam Kuglen
Pittsburgh Playhouse Junior of Point Park College

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Pat Van Eman

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Matthew Lamb

Outstanding Production
Temporary Arrangements

Outstanding Playwright
Richard Mesch

Outstanding Director
Elena-Maria Passarello

Outstanding Lead Actor
James Shoberg

Outstanding Lead Actress
Allison McAtee

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Erick Irvis

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Karen Baum