2000 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



That’s Amore  by Alice Sparpinato
Thoreau, MN…A Production Company

Cells by Vinnie Rizzo
Kuntu Repertory Theatre

Light by Robert Isenberg
McKeesport Little Theatre

Orientation Day by Chris Shaw Swanson
JCC Theater Department

The Local by Katherine Ayres
South Park Theatre

The Mother-In-Law by Kathryn Miller Haines
The Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

A Reasonable First Step by Carol Mullen
CCAC South

Transitional Girl by William Loeffler, III
The Summer Company

The Exchange by George Freek
Penn Avenue Theatre

Doofus by William Cameron
Little Lake Theatre Company

Vivienne by Timothy Ruppert
The Heritage Players

Humanesque by Randy Kirk
Gemini Theater Company

Young Playwright

Outta Shaw by Laura J. Clark

Baby Tooth by Laura Lind
Playhouse Junior

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Charlie Gray

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Melinda Helfrich

Outstanding Production
Doofus, Little Lake Theater

Outstanding Playwright
William Cameron, Doofus

Outstanding Director
Wendy Taylor, The Mother-In-Law

Outstanding Lead Actor
Mark D. Yochum, Light

Outstanding Lead Actress
Elena Passarello, The Mother-In-Law

Outstanding Supporting Actor
James Shoberg, The Local

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Marcia Sekulich, Transitional Girl