1999 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



Drawing the Line  by Randy Kirk
South Park Theatre

Deathcrone-2000 by A.L. Trone
McKeesport Little Theater

Beef Junkies by Jon Dorf
The Summer Company

The Rest of Us by C. P. Stancich
Timespace Theater Company

UKIMWI by Tom Coash
Thoreau, MN…A Production Company

A Musical Level of Pain by Joy Jones
Kuntu Repertory Theatre

Bomber Wing by William C. Kovacsik
Penn Avenue Theatre

Quentin Tarantino Slept Here by Anthony Letizia
The Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

The Day Leo Durocher Died by James McManus
CCAC South

The Hermit by Shaun J. Rolly
Gemini Theater Company

Not Lightly Chosen by Robert C. Wittig
Little Lake Theatre Company

The Last Gooseman by Michael Murray
The Heritage Players

Young Playwright

Thunder Mountain by Sandra Fenichel Asher
Prime Stage

Rex the Mighty Hunter by Tim Menees
Playhouse Junior of Point State College

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Margo Lovelace

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Roberta Valderrama

Donna Rae

Outstanding Production
Not Lightly Chosen, Little Lake Theatre

Outstanding Playwright
Tom Coash, Ukimwi

Outstanding Director
Todd Betker, The Rest of Us

Outstanding Lead Actor
Brian Bessor, Bomber Wing

Outstanding Lead Actress
Angie Corley, Ukimwi

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Scott Calhoun, Not Lightly Chosen

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Lynne Franks, Not Lightly Chosen