1998 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



afterwards by John Zygmunt
Thoreau, MN…A Production Company

Clean Sheets by F.J. Hartland
CCAC South

ShirleyTemple Dreams by William Cameron
The Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

The Magic Sand by Rebecca Gorman
South Park Theatre

Soul Mate Dating Service by Mary Lipple
Gemini Theater Company

The Tape Machine by Hank Stohl
The Summer Company

Just One Abiding Dearth by C.P. Stancich
Little Lake Theatre

Getting Lucky by Michael Murray
JCCArts MainStage

Gravity’s Revenge by Scott Bradley Smith
Timespace Theater Company

Visitors by Eileen Hodgetts
The Heritage Players

Disembodied Heads by A.L. Trone
Red Barn Theatre

The Ecstasy of St. Jude by Sean Michael O’Donnell
McKeesport Little Theater

Young Playwright

Billy’s Muse by Joseph A. Roots & Samantha A. Camp
Prime Stage

The Awesome Adventures of Tuesday the 24th by Marjorie Stewart
Playhouse Junior of Point Park College

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Don DiFonso

Donna Rae

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Rocco Arrigo

Outstanding Production
Just One Abiding Dearth, Little Lake Theatre

Outstanding Playwright
C.P. Stancich, Just One Abiding Dearth

Outstanding Director
Art DeConcilliis, Just One Abiding Dearth

Outstanding Lead Actor
Ron Gmys, The Tape Machine

Outstanding Lead Actress
Jean Cardello, Visitors

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Dave Joseph, Disembodied Heads

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Mary Lipple, The Ecstasy of St. Jude