1991 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



Artifacts by Marjorie Stewart Halsey
Pyramid Productions

Budda & the Senorita by Rane Arroyo
American Performing Arts

Cowboy Love by Charles Clifton
Apple Hill Playhouse

Deadman Walking by Tammy Ryan
Flying Pig Theatre

Kewpie Dolls by Valerie Clair
Scott Thewes Productions

Smith’s Gone Mad by Kaushik Mukerjee
New Group Theatre

Troy by Dan Kennedy
CCAC South

Untitled1: The Line by Shirley Kreidwise
CCAC Boyce Campus

Boneman by Frank Moone
CCAC Boyce Campus

War Brides by Eileen Hodgetts
Laurel Highlands Regional Theater

1991 Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Will Disney

Outstanding Production
Pyramid Productions

Outstanding Playwright
Eileen Hodgetts, War Brides

Outstanding Director
Martin Giles, Smith’s Gone Mad

Outstanding Lead Actor
Milton Thompson, Boneman

Outstanding Lead Actress
Chrystal Bates, Budda & the Senorita
& Bonnie DeLozier, Cowboy Love (Tie)

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Tom Yates, Cowboy Love

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Jenny Noa, Artifacts