What's up with this submission fee?


We're asked this question a lot.  It's totally understandable.  We also understand why some playwrights choose not to submit their work because of the fee.  That's why we're as transparent as possible about the fee and where it goes.  That way, each playwright can make a fully informed decision about submitting.

We give playwrights value for the fee.  Every single script that is submitted receives at least two written critiques of the work.  Playwrights receive a service for the money that they are spending.  It is up to each playwright to decide if there is enough value for the cost of submission.

The money collected from these fees is invested directly into the Festival.  PNWF is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization.  Every penny that we collect from submission fees, ticket sales, raffles, etc. is put directly back into creating an opportunity for playwrights to have their plays on stage and to receive meaningful feedback on their work.  The volunteers who make this event happen donate vast amounts of time and personal funds to create the opportunity.

Ultimately, the fee is an investment in the continuation of this unique Festival and in your fellow playwrights.  We believe in you as a playwright and we see the time, effort, and money that we spend as an investment in the future of our art form.  We hope that you see the value of the opportunity that we create.

Your questions and comments are always welcome!  Please email us at info@pittsburghnewworks.org.