LabWorks Week 1
August 18 at 7pm


The Ringmistress
by Sharon Farrell

produced by Hambones Theater Company

Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1922. When Helen’s son loses their elephants in a poker game, it seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the Colley Family Circus. With the fate of her circus on the line, Helen meets a childhood friend, a clown-turned-hitman named Diarmaid, and draws him into a high stakes game pitting the powers of the new world against the powers of the old.

Sharon Farrell is a New Jersey native who holds an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame and an MFA in playwriting from Rutgers University. Recent productions include DEPTHS at the 2016 Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Short Play Festival (New York), NOW AND AGAIN at the Source Festival (Washington DC), and HOME FIRE at the Six Women Playwriting Festival (Colorado Springs).

A Safe Love.jpg

A Safe Love
by Lindsey Brown

produced by The Summer Company

A woman on the eve of her wedding is forced to confront the past she hasn't quite let go of.

Lindsey Brown is a New Zealand high school teacher of both English and Drama. She has a particular passion for the performing arts and has performed in an array of stage shows, including musicals, plays and improvised productions. In the last few years she has become more and more interested in writing plays, both for adults and the drama classroom. In 2017, Lindsey decided to enroll in a Masters of Scriptwriting at Auckland University of Technology. Since completing the course she has been avidly writing (and teaching), and enjoying it immensely. She has also been rewarded with some early success, to help encourage her along. This includes two of her pieces being selected for the Short and Sweet Festival Sydney, and one of her plays being selected for the Pint Sized Play festival Queenstown.

From a Phonebooth in Japan.jpg

From a Phone Booth in Japan
by Gordon Bolar

produced by Iron Horse Theatre Company

On his sixty-sixth birthday, Stephen places a phone call to his deceased mother. His call is made from a phone booth in Japan, a Shinto shrine used to contact dead relatives after the earthquake and Fukushima disaster. After the call is interrupted by an unanticipated and frightening intrusion, Roberta, Stephen’s assistant and secretary, helps Stephen find perspective on his phone call. Roberta also helps Stephen find closure, conclude a fifty-year journey with revelation and discovery, and embrace the final chapter of his life.

Gordon Bolar has authored nine plays, three of which have been produced, including "Petroleum Sunset" in Alaska, “Self-Contained” at the University of Rhode Island and “Critic and Wife”, a radio play for All Ears Theatre. Gordon’s one-act play, “Homemakers, 1967” was read at the Theatre Kalamazoo New Play Fest in 2018. His play, “Facing Heaven” received the Hendrix College Alumni Playwriting Award and a staged reading in 2012. Gordon’s one-act, “Good Counsel, 1949” was be read at Queer Theatre Kalamazoo’s Summer Shorts Festival in June, 2019.

Gordon earned an M.F.A. in Directing from Ohio University, where he attended on a Shubert Playwriting Fellowship. He received a Ph.D. in theatre from Louisiana State University. He wrote his dissertation on the Royal Court Theatre. He taught college and university theatre for six years and worked in Public Media for 22 years. Gordon retired as General Manager of Public Radio Station, WMUK in 2016. He writes theatre reviews and articles for several websites and for public radio.