1997 Pittsburgh New Works Festival



Eat the Clock by T.S. Frank
Open Stage Theatre

Move to First by William C. Kovacsik
Thoreau, MN…A Production Company

Reliquary by Mickey Kessler
Red Barn Theater

Sarcophagus by Scott C. Sickles
South Park Conservatory Theatre

Clarinet Camp by William Loeffler
New Kensington Civic Theatre

Asking for Roses by William Cameron
Little Lake Theatre

Beulah by Scott Bradley Smith
The Unseam’d Shakespeare Co.

Zen and the Fear of Flying by Robert Burns
Pittsburgh New Voices

Card Sharks by F.J. Hartland
McKeesport Little Theatre

Something New to Want by Bryan Carrigan
CCAC South

The Butter Bin by Sean Michael O’Donnell
The Upstairs Theatre

Vista by Michael Murray
Apple Hill Playhouse

Young Playwright

Cha, Cha, Plink and Baggy Blues by Carol Lauck
Playhouse Junior

A Trunk Full of Magic by William Derringer
Prime Stage

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Vernell A. Lillie

The Shirley Custer Memorial Scholarship
Melissa A. St. Onge

Outstanding Production
The Butter Bin, The Upstairs Theatre

Outstanding Playwright
Sean Michael O’Donnell, The Butter Bin

Outstanding Director
Paula D’Alessandris, The Butter Bin

Outstanding Lead Actor
Loren Davidson, Jr, Asking for Roses

Outstanding Lead Actress
Bryn Jamison & Streeter Nelson (tie), The Butter Bin

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Jim Cook, Clarinet Camp

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Mary Lipple, The Butter Bin

Outstanding Children’s Play
William Derringer, A Trunk Full of Magic

Outstanding Production of a Children’s Play
Who’s Alfreda Everything, Gemini Theatre

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Children’s Play
Katrina Faessel, Who’s Alfreda Everything

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Children’s Play
Jared Pfennigwerth, A Trunk Full of Magic

Outstanding Supporting Role in a Children’s Play
Shelby Wyzykowski, Who’s Alfreda Everything